Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is Southwest Greens synthetic grass so popular in the Pennsylvania area?

Southwest green synthetic grass is easy to maintain, makes a great appearance, and has excellent drainage which allows people more time to use the grass areas.


  • Can I hit shots into Southwest Greens?

Yes!  The Southwest artificial golf green system is designed to hold shots from 10 to over 200 yards away and react like a real green.  In fact, most people end up chipping more to their synthetic golf green than putting on them.


  • What speed do Southwest Synthetic Golf Greens run at.

The speed of our artificial golf greens is comparable to country club golf greens with stimp meters readings that range from 11-15.


  •  Will animal urine stain synthetic turf?

No.  Synthetic turf is extremely durable and is not damaged in any way by animal urine.  In fact, you can even pour bleach on your artificial turf and it will not affect the color at all.


  • Are there different styles of artificial grass?

Yes.  We have a wide range of different styles of artificial grass depending on the use and aesthetic appearance that is desired.


  • What is the cost of Synthetic turf?

There are some variable and different styles of synthetic turf which affect the pricing but generally synthetic turf costs between $7 and $12 per square foot with installation and synthetic golf greens range between $14 and $20 per square foot with installation.


  • How long with synthetic turf last?

You will receive a 10 year warranty on the turf.  However, we have a very good climate in Western Pennsylvania for synthetic turf and it should last even longer than that.


  • Is there any maintenance involved with synthetic turf?

Yes, there is some maintenance but for the most part it involves just keeping it clean from debris with the use of a leaf blower.


  • Does water, rain and snow harm synthetic turf?

No.  Water, rain and snow does not have any effect or harm synthetic turf at all.


  • Will I have to train my pets to use the synthetic pet turf area?

No.  Most pets love the feel of synthetic pet turf and will automatically want to use it.


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