Design and Installation


It all starts with the design.  Southwest greens will consult with you and design a synthetic golf green that is tailored to meet your needs both from playing characteristics and aesthetic appeal.  With exceptional attention to detail and consideration of slope, elevation and layout we will design your synthetic golf green through a specialized CAD program.  You will know how your green will look and play before any work begins.  We believe that all synthetic golf greens should play good and look good.

If you want to practice your short game in the comfort of your home or business, on a golf green that guarantees true ball roll from every position and very little maintenance, call Southwest Greens. We can help you stay at the top of your golf game.


Once the golf green design if finalized, our trained and experienced crews execute the installation to the exact measurements and specification of your design. Southwest Greens of Pennsylvania has perfected our own methods of installation technology that makes our golf greens, playing surfaces and lawns look, feel, and perform like natural grass and yet stand up to long-term, heavy use.

Our certified and trained installation teams use a variety of laser and digital levels and grading techniques to ensure the proper slope and contours of the playing surface.  Along with our exclusive synthetic golf turf we utilize a variety of synthetic turf grooming equipment that is specifically designed to work with synthetic golf green turf.  Also, the cushion underlayment and the special round sand that is used allows Southwest Greens synthetic golf greens to stay soft and keeps you synthetic golf green playing the same year after year.

We are proud to stand by our products and our installation expertise. At Southwest Greens of Pennsylvania, we know that winning at the installation game can take your game to the next level of play. We have completed hundreds of synthetic golf greens installations in all all parts of Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh,  Erie, York,  Lancaster since 2003 so you can be assured of a quality job.  We guarantee it.

The Secret is in the Installation

Synthetic turf continues to gain national attention but the secret remains in the installation techniques and superior product that Southwest Greens provides. Our experienced installers have Mastered the art of synthetic grass installation and will work to find the right pet solution for you. We tailor the construction to accommodate the best site drainage possible. Southwest Greens prides itself in quality and an extensive network of 50 franchises ensures the best pedigree.


Southwest Greens is respected worldwide for its knowledge of the design and installation of championship caliber synthetic golf greens. We take pride in the fact that professional golfers at the very top of their game like Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, Jim Furyk, Hale Irwin, Fred Funk and Chris DiMarco have our custom designed, sand-filled golf greens at their homes. They have endorsed Southwest Greens because we know how to design and install a golf green that has the look, feel, and performance of the best golf courses in the country. It’s why leading golf course architectural firm, Nicklaus Design, chose Southwest Greens to work with its design team to offer a premium line of synthetic golf greens.

Contact Southwest Greens of Pennsylvania today and see how easy it can be to start enjoying the benefits of a putting green at your home.

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