June 21, 2024

Golf is an activity where accuracy and performance are paramount. Every aspect of the game must be meticulously crafted, from the swing to the putting surface. At Southwest Greens, we are proud of providing superior artificial golf greens that exceed our competitors, including Tour Greens. One crucial aspect that makes us unique is our in-depth understanding of the science behind golf greens, especially drainage and performance. This article will examine the technical factors of constructing Pittsburgh golf greens with artificial turf, focusing on the proper drainage systems and turf features that optimize playability.



Proper drainage is the basis of a top-performing golf green. Without proper drainage, even the most expertly installed turf can turn unusable. Here's why drainage is so essential.


Excess water can cause standing water and mossy patches, disrupting the surface and influencing ball roll.


Ineffective water drainage can cause turf quality decline, promoting mold and mildew development.


Adequate drainage ensures a sturdy and quick-playing turf, which is essential for a genuine golf experience.

At Southwest Greens, we utilize cutting-edge drainage systems created to manage heavy precipitation and prevent water accumulation. Our method makes certain that your putting surface remains playable no matter the weather.



Our innovative drainage solutions comprise:

  • Superior Installation Methods: We have a team of expert installers that are experienced in designing and building a golf green with effective drainage. Employing a porous backing system allows water to pass through easily, preventing pooling on the surface.
  • Subsurface Drainage: Beneath the turf, we install a sophisticated subsurface drainage system. This typically includes a series of perforated tubing (if needed, French drains, and aggregate layers) that channel water away efficiently.
  • Proper Grading: We ensure that the foundation is correctly graded to facilitate natural water flow, guiding extra water into the drainage setup.

These elements function in unison to establish a strong water management system that ensures a dry playing surface, and ready for play.



Beyond drainage, the features of the artificial turf itself play a significant role in the performance of your putting surface. Here are the important attributes we emphasize at Southwest Greens:

  1. Fiber Composition: Our artificial turf fibers are designed for longevity and realistic ball response. We use a mix of nylon and polyethylene fibers to replicate the visual and tactile qualities of organic grass.
  2. Pile Height and Density: The pile height and density are carefully selected to achieve an ideal mix between ball speed and control. This ensures that your turf plays true, whether you're putting, chipping, or driving.
  3. Infill Material: The infill material, typically a mixture of sand, is essential for providing proper firmness and resilience. Our infill is designed to provide optimal support and stability, improving the overall playability of the putting surface.
  4. UV Resistance: To maintain longevity, our artificial turf is fortified with UV stabilizers that protect against fading and degradation from sunlight.



Our dedication to quality and innovation at Southwest Greens makes us unique from the rest. We constantly research and develop new technologies to enhance our products and offer the best possible golfing experience. Our professional and expert team is committed to guaranteeing that every putting green we create in Pittsburgh meets the highest durability and performance criteria.

Looking to improve your golfing experience with a Southwest Greens golf green? Reach out to us today to discover more about our innovative offerings and how we can help you create the perfect playing surface.