July 08, 2021

And why Southwest Greens Pittsburgh is the better option for tee lines.

Why Use Synthetic Grass Tee Lines?

Organic turf on tee lines is no longer the norm. Tee lines are subjected to a lot of foot traffic and damage from golf clubs continually taking swings. Artificial grass is the preferred choice since it has the ability to endure these activities far more effectively and preserve its appearance for a long time.

Organic Grass Disadvantages

Organic grass is finicky. It’s difficult to maintain and only looks right under particular circumstances. Traditional turf will cultivate differently in Pittsburgh from season to season. Some places can be more dense, while some other portions are scant.

Regular Mowing

To ensure that the grass is as short as you’d see on a golf course, this can require you to mow daily. That’s right, you read that correctly. Daily. Factor in the time, gasoline, and mower maintenance, and you can prepare for a hefty bill.


Where grass grows, you’ll often find weeds thriving, too. Weeds should be removed, which most times, is done with unsafe chemicals. This is not a one-and-done treatment. Herbicides are frequently required to keep weeds at bay.


Weevils, ants, grubs — it goes on and on. In traditional turf, you’ll definitely find one or more of these pests in the future. Again, chemicals are used to control these pests, which aren’t only triggers a negative impact on the environment, but also the humans using them.

Water Requirements

Traditional turf requires water to look full and green. Just a couple days of dry conditions can have grass seem sad and in need of maintenance. Hence, organic turf tee lines must be watered regularly in order to appear well-nourished.

Uneven Surfaces

Natural grass will cultivate in various ways in Pittsburgh from season to season. Some places can be more dense, while other areas are sparse. If you’ve felt a natural turf tee line, you’ve probably noticed how there can be patches of turf missing from hard-hitting swings, too.

Synthetic Grass Tee Line Advantages

Looks Great All Year Long

Through artificial grass, tee lines will always look fantastic. They’ll never require fertilizing, mowing, or watering, hence, tee lines can remain open all the time. Gone are the days of time lost due to maintenance.

Complements Nature Grass

Synthetic is the perfect complement to natural grass. Overused grass tee lines rarely stay healthy. Installing and replacing synthetic tee lines provides natural turf the essential time it requires to recover.

Enhanced Playability

Synthetic turf plays well because it has an consistent, predictable surface. You’ll never have to be concerned about the clubface catching on the turf and affecting your shot again with artificial grass.

Safer Surface

There is a lower risk for injuries because the turf will not get muddy and slippery throughout heavy rains. Synthetic grass won’t get torn apart and generate divots and dips that are tripping hazards like natural grass.

Flexible and Modular Designs

Modular tee lines make simpler and less expensive ways to substitute parts rather than replacing the whole panel or tee line. Utilizing less expensive components for the hitting surfaces reduces the project’s cost.

Why Southwest Greens Pittsburgh?

Southwest Greens artificial turf is meticulously engineered to replicate the authentic appearance and feel of a traditional surface. Our artificial turf products are designed to perform and go through rigorous playability testing to make sure we always meet the standards established by natural turf.

We develop fiber that raises the B.A.R (bounce, aim, roll). Always green and lush, our polypropylene and nylon synthetic grasses are developed with the best raw materials to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The product is designed to create natural fiber displacement which reduces club bounce. Using the ideal goods available extends product life.

When we say that we raise the B.A.R., we mean it. With our greens, you will get championship bounce with 20-25% more bounce retention, 2x better aim, and true roll. You will experience real playability, gain the most accurate aim of any putting surface, and benefit from smooth ball roll into the cup.

Southwest Greens Tee Lines Are Perfect For:

  • Private and public golf courses
  • Driving range mats
  • Golf tee box
  • Indoor Golf practice facilities
  • Colleges: indoor/outdoor hitting bays and practice areas
  • Residential pitching & chipping areas
  • Golf teaching professionals
  • Areas of heavy usage

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